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Website and Intellectual Property

Trendy Leather claims ownership of all content, data, logos, images, diagrams, illustrations, videos, audio, digital media and anything else appearing on

Our content is protected by copyright law in Canada and any use or redistribution of our property for financial benefit or gain without express written consent is strictly prohibited.

Sales Terms

Trendy Leather will not process any order that is not 100% paid, is out of stock, has been filled out with inaccurate or suspicious data or has been otherwise adulterated.

When your order has been paid for, your jacket will be manufactured or packaged, checked for quality and shipped out as per the agreed time frame.


Trendy Leather’ prices are final and non-negotiable. All prices on Trendy Leather are specified in US dollar unless stated otherwise. Your payment will be converted to the correct currency at the current rate at the time the payment is processed. Trendy Leather’ prices are subject to change without notice and any promotional offer, discount or other modification to price may be revoked without notice or justification.

Law, Jurisdiction and Disputes

Trendy Leather is a proud Canadian company and all operations are conducted within the parameters of Canadian law. Any disputes will be carried out in a professional manor by our legal department in accordance with the laws of Canada.

Duty and Taxation

All purchases from Trendy Leather are subject to the appropriate sales tax. Any duty imposed on our orders must be paid by the client. Trendy Leather accepts not responsibility for any duty, cash on delivery or additional taxation or fees imposed outside of the regular sales process.